Tacyana Behrmann

Tacyana Behrmann hails from Manchester, New Hampshire. She attended Andrews University and in 2013 she accepted the call to minister in New Jersey Conference. She was the first female to serve in New Jersey Conference where she pastored for 4 1/2 years. Tacyana found her passion for ministry while ministering to emerging adults in the Criminal Justice system. She has served as a Mental Health Court Coordinator, a Juvenile Specialist and as a Probation Officer in the State of Michigan. She currently serves as a Social Worker for the Public Defenders in Michigan. She is over the juvenile division and works with emerging adults facing life sentences. She is a researcher and facilitator in Community Practice and Social Policy. All her hope is in Jesus and she is blessed to share that hope daily with those who the law regards as unredeemable.

The 4 P’s of writing your story

Plot, Passion, Pain & Plenty