Have you ever been asked to give 100%? Sometimes you hear people say, “I gave it 110%.” The truth is, we can’t give 100%. We can only give it our best shot. We can give until it hurts, but we can’t really give 110%. Jesus is

different. He didn’t give 100%, even 110%, Jesus gave 200%! Jesus gave 100% as a human being and 100% as God. Only He could do that. We cannot really understand why. All we can do is accept that He did, and thank Him for it.

JOHN1:1-18 – Jesus was at Creation

Colossians 1:15-23 With His authority,all things were created through Him
Philippians 2:5-11 He humbled Himself by being obedient to death and dying for our sins
John 14:1-3 Jesus promises us that He will not abandon us
  1. What is new and interesting?
  2. What don’t you understand?
  3. How should we respond to Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and His promise to come back?
  4. What will you share with someone this week?