Storm Co

Storm Co. is a youth initiative of the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It’s mission is to send teams of trained young people to work for, learn from, and encourage individual communities; sharing God’s love by building bridges to all peoples through an adventure in service to others.

Storm Co. is an acronym that stands for Service To Others Really Matters Company.

Storm Co. teams enter a community with the express purpose of building a relationship with that community. A team will go first to listen, and then to serve.
Storm Co. teams commit to service. They will work for a community and learn from them. Their goals is to serve without compensation.
Storm Co. teams are committed to support Christianity above denominational barriers. They have a mandate to encourage others in their walk with God.
Storm Co. teams maintain a relationship with the community. Their goal is to return and be an ongoing positive influence in the community.
Storm Co. teams are built through worship. They will not be afraid to stand for their God as they serve in the community.

Get Involved!!

If you would like to lead or be part of a Storm Co team please contact your local Conference or Mission Youth Department.

Make sure your journals are ready for your trip to help you prepare and document your trip as well as create a lasting memory. Click here to download

For those of you leading a trip, the Leaders Edition of the Journal is available for download.

For more resources/training to help run a Storm Co service project, contact your local mission/conference/union Youth Department.

Contact us if you require assistance or any further information and we shall do our best to assist you and your team.