Any farmer knows how to work with the soil, weather, seed stock and seasons in getting the most out of his or her land, time and resources. Likewise, Jesus used the soil to represent humanity, and the seed to represent the Word of God. As we grow in our understanding of the Gospel Commission, we need to be guided by the secrets of the Kingdom as outlined in the parable of the farmer.

MARK 4:1-20 Farming illustrates faith sharing

Mark 4:26-29 Seeds grow by themselves
1 Corinthians 3:5-10 Evangelism is a team effort
Matthew 9:35-38 The harvest is plentiful, but workers are few
Ezekiel 36:26 A new Spirit will be given you
2 Peter 3:9 God wants all to come to repentance
  1. What is new and interesting?
  2. What don’t you understand?
  3. How could the Spirit grow your faith as Jesus leads?
  4. What will you share with someone this week?