Leave the yeast out of the bread-making process and see what happens to your loaf! Leave the plug out of the pool and watch the water disappear. Leave the spark plug out of the mower and watch the lawn turn to jungle. Leave a piece out of the jigsaw puzzle and you’ll never have the complete picture. Leave you out of the church and prepare for a drop in ministry horsepower. Leave Jesus out of the church, and watch things disintegrate!

1 CORINTHIANS 12:12-31 Jesus considers all individuals in the body to be significant

Matthew 18:15-20 Worship strengthens the Body of Christ
John 17:20-23 Jesus prayed for His church
Galatians 3:26-29 If we give our lives to Christ we becomes heirs to the everlasting life
Colossians 3:10-17 We are God’s chosen ones for He has loved us dearly
  1. What is new and interesting?
  2. What don’t you understand?
  3. What gifts and talents can be used for the church today?
  4. What will you share with someone this week?