So many people are financially ruined because of the poker machine and other forms of gambling. When people attempt to guess what will happen in the future, that is what always remains—a guess. Not so with God, He has been sharing what will happen in the future for centuries, and His messages have always been spot on. Throughout history, God has used people called prophets to deliver His special messages about the future.

ACTS 2:14-21 The Apostles testified about Christ from the Old Testament prophecies

Luke 24:13-27 Jesus referred to the prophets to explain who He was
Amos 3:7 God reveals His plans through prophets
Revelation 12:17 & 19:10 God’s last- day church has a prophetic message to deliver
  1. What is new and interesting?
  2. What don’t you understand?
  3. What’s the benefit in read some of the prophecies of the Bible in Matthew 24 & Daniel 2?
  4. What will you share with someone this week?