I will go 2022 Youth Devotional

January – March

This book will encourage and challenge Seventh-day Adventist young adults and their leaders. Challenge them to be intentional in identifying, connecting and establishing – or in some cases re-establishing – relationships with disengaged and disconnecting members of their youth group. The first thing we must do in trying to reach missing members is to acknowledge that while this is a YOU PROBLEM (my problem), it is also an EVERYONE problem. It is a problem that is too big for you to fix alone. You need the Lord and others to help you.

Getting your young people back to Jesus is not going to be an overnight fix. It will take time. BUT remember that patience and consistency is the key. Know who they are and be attentive to their stories.

So, as you read the pages of this book, we hope you will be inspirited, and that the challenges throughout the book will encourage you to recommit to reach those you are called to serve.

April – June

Will be available in the 2nd quarter

July – September

Will be available in the 3rd quarter

October – December

Will be available in the 4th quarter